Terms of Service

Terms of Service

To commission BlueLeopardStudio it is required that future commissioners read and agree to the terms and conditions below.

1       Age

Commissioners MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER to commission BlueLeopardStudio. BlueLeopardStudio does not accept commissions from minors even with parental/guardian consent. Proof of age is required to commission BlueLeopardStudio. Any commissioners caught falsifying their age will be considered in violation of these terms of service subject to corrective actions found in article 14 of these terms of service.

2       Refusal of Service

BlueLeopardStudio reserves the right to deny any customer service for reasons to be determined by BlueLeopardStudio. This includes but is not limited to if the commissioner is rude, threatening or otherwise unreasonable. Any and all harassment determined by BlueLeopardStudio is not tolerated. Should the commissioner display harassment of any sort BlueLeopardStudio reserves the right to cancel the commission and commissioner will be considered in violation of these terms of service subject to corrective actions found in article 14. BlueLeopardStudio reserves the right to deny service to anyone before or after accepting the commission.

3       Prices and Quotes

All price quotes are subject to change. Any quotes given 30 days before a price change are still valid, any quotes after 30 days prior to a price change are outdated and require a new quote. Quotes DO NOT guarantee a spot on future queues.

4       Warranty

BlueLeopardStudio offers a 90 day warranty effective from delivery date of items. Warranty covers defects of material, construction, and workmanship. Warranty does not cover items a) used for sexual activity, b) improper care and keeping of items, c) soiled items, d) damage by the end user, e) items constructed from inaccurate measurements, inaccurate DTDs and shoes provided to BlueLeopardStudios, f) missing items from concept art, and g) normal wear and tear. Determination of warranty coverage shall be at the sole determination of BlueLeopardStudio. Any unauthorized alterations not made by BlueLeopardStudio shall immediately null and void the warranty.

5       Payments

In order to secure a commission a 30% non-refundable payment must be paid. Payments must be upfront or have an established payment plan. Payment plans are customized to each commissioner and are paid on a minimum of a monthly basis. Overall, larger payments and less frequent are preferred. Payments must be half way finished before construction can begin. The commissioner is guaranteed security through PayPal’s Good’s and Services system. Late payments or the cessation of payments will result in a later completion, a later ship date, or a cancelled commission subject to the 30% non-refundable payment and the possible forfeiture of progress payments.

PayPal is the only form of payment allowed at this time.

Do not send any payments without an invoice; BlueLeopardstudio will be in charge of sending all invoices. Tips can be added to invoices.  BlueLeopardStudio is not responsible for lost or late payments.

6       Payment Plans

As mentioned before payment plans are customized to each commissioner with a minimum of once per month. BlueLeopardStudio will not accept payment plans longer than once per month. A Grace period of 7 days is permitted after a missed payment. After the 7 day grace period is up a late fee of $10 will be added to that payment already due. It is perfectly acceptable, should the final payment be ready, before the monthly payment date to be sent.

7       Completion dates

BlueLeopardStudio does not  take deadlines of any sort. Commissions are not guaranteed to be finished for a convention or an event of some sort. BlueLeopardStudio will give an estimate as to when the commission will be completed around but it is NOT final. Typical wait time is two (2) to twelve (12) months depending on the commission.

8       Refunds & Returns

The first 30% of payment is nonrefundable. Refunds are dealt on a case by case basis and may not be instantaneous. Refunds for the remaining balance will only be given once the costs are recovered through finishing and reselling the product. Once a commission is 100% paid for, a refund will not be issued.

Due to the very unique and customizable nature of the products and services offered, returns are not accepted.

If payments cease and contact cannot be established, the commission will be terminated, a refund will not be issued of any kind and the commissioner is no longer entitled to the commissioned suit or materials.

9       Materials Provided by Commissioner

   Duct Tape Dummy

It is required for all fullsuit commissions to send in a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). DTDs must be whole and built durably. DO NOT use coveralls with elastic in the ankles and wrists. For assistance with how to properly make a DTD please refer to the link below:


*(Note: This link was not made by BlueLeopardStudio)

BlueLeopardStudio is not responsible for insufficient DTD construction. Should it fall apart during the construction process as a result of poor duct tape dummy construction, it is the commissioner’s responsibility to redo it. DTD’s must be taped back together neatly and without overlapping the edges before being shipped to BlueLeopardStudio. If a DTD arrives that has not been taped together or has been taped back together weakly (as in it will break apart if stuffed) A $20 service fee will be charged due to the additional labor required.

   A Pair of shoes

A pair of shoes in wearer’s shoe size must be sent to BlueLeopardStudio in order to make feet that fit. It can be anything as basic as flip flops.


Circumference of the wearer’s head is needed in order for heads to fit properly.  Hand and wrist measurements of the wearer are needed to ensure fitting. Measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist is preferred.

   Concept Art

It is required that a colored concept is provided by the commissioner prior to sending in a form. A minimum of two sides (front and back) reference sheet is required to start a commission. Three sided reference sheets or more are preferred. BlueLeopardStudio is not responsible for including anything that is not present on the agreed concept art.

10        Last minute changes

Changes to the character design and costume once price and completion date are set are not typically authorized. BlueLeopardStudio will cover any details before the commission is accepted. Please do not hesitate to ask about changes, as some minor changes will not affect the price or completion time. Changes that will effect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colors, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered.

11        Work in progress photos and updates

Work in progress updates and photos will be sent via contact method of choice.

It is the responsibility of the commissioner to voice their opinions on the commission. If a detail is incorrect it is up to the commissioner to inform BlueLeopardStudio so it can be fixed. If it could have been changed at an earlier stage shown in the progress pictures sent to the commissioner, but the commissioner did not mention a disliking of any aspect and voices it later when the commission is further along and harder to fix, this will take more time and labor. This will result in additional fees.

12        Shipping

Shipping is NOT included in the price for any suit work. This includes mailing of measurement items, DTDs, shoes, finished products, items requested to be sent in stages, refurbishments or repairs. Preferred carrier is USPS.  BlueLeopardStudio will notify the commissioner of the required shipping amounts. Delays in shipping payments may impact timely delivery.  Currently BlueLeopardStudio does NOT ship internationally outside the US.  Shipping within the United States usually costs around $20-$200.

BlueLeopardStudio will hold a completed and fully paid off commission for 90 days. If the commissioner does not pick it up or pay for shipping after 90 days then all rights to the item are withdrawn and it will be sold.

13        Intellectual Property

BlueLeopardStudio does not make products based off of other fursuit maker’s style. BlueLeopardStudio refuses to make products from copyrighted or trademarked characters as it is illegal. Any characters too closely resembling a copyrighted or trademarked character will not be accepted.  Commissioner warrants requested character does not infringe on any third party intellectual property rights and releases BlueLeopardStudio from any and all legal repercussions should it be discovered a third party copyright infringement has occurred during performance of the commission.  Commissioner’s infringement on a third party intellectual property rights is a direct violation of these terms of service.

Commissioner shall retain all intellectual property rights on concept art and character references submitted to BlueLeopardStudio.  However, commissioner does grant BlueLeopardStudio the right to photograph and use for businesses promotional purposes only products in work and final products.  If delivery of the finished product is forfeited through the failed payment process, BlueLeopardStudio may sell the final product to recoup costs, but shall not include references to commissioner’s intellectual property during the re-sale.

14        Violation of Terms of Service

Any violation of these terms and services may result in any of the following a) cancelation of the commission, b) an early termination of a commission in progress c) forfeiture of payments d) result in the commissioner being banned from procuring futures products from BlueLeopardStudio.

15        Allergy Disclaimer

BlueLeopardStudio works in the vicinity of cats and dogs. Commissioners are to inform

BlueLeopardStudio of any severe allergies before the commission can begin. BlueLeopardStudios is not responsible for any unknown allergies after the commission is delivered.

16 Contract

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By submitting a commission form, the commissioner agrees to all of the terms of service.  The Verification Code Required by the TOS to ensure that commissioner has read this form is 2000.